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wood and glass coating - waterbased interior coatings


Waterborne coatings are advance & upcoming class of coatings which are finding increasingly greater interest due to their eco-friendly nature and rapidly evolving technologies. Water based coatings contain very low amount of volatile organic solvents along with low toxicity resulting into reduction or elimination of hazardous waste generation. With growing advancement in technologies, performance of water based coatings are rapidly closing the gap with its solvent borne counterpart and even exceeding for areas such as exterior applications.

Waterborne coatings provide,

  • Excellent surface properties
  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti–sealing effects
  • Combined performance of hardness and flexibility
  • Excellent breathability which offers exterior durability.

We offer wide range of waterborne coatings from interior to exterior and parquet applications. Our interior range of coatings offer excellent combination of surface finish, scratch, mar and stain resistance. Additionally, having water like clarity, they provide natural tone to wood without imparting any color or yellowing. We offer highly specialized products for exterior application which has combination of flexibility and toughness to withstand the expansion and contraction of wood. Our Nanomaterials based formulations for exterior applications ensure 100% UV & color fading resistance along with excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

TEKNOVACE product line offers one-component (1K) and two-component (2K) water-based coatings for wood substrate.


Water based interior coatings come in one component as well as two component system.


1K water based Coatings are based on self-cross-linking mechanism. With recent advancement in water based acrylic technology, they are gradually entering mass scale adaptability due to their excellent balance of properties with favorable cost dynamics. Being one component coating with very good pot life they have additional advantage of ease of application. They give highly natural finish without any change in the tone of wood along with smooth silky finish, good scratch and chemical resistance.


2K water based coatings are superior class coatings which are chemically cured with hardeners to give very high chemical resistance, excellent scratch resistance, excellent clarity, smooth and silky finish. They are products of choice for high end applications such as table top, kitchen cabinets etc.

Parquet Clear Series:

Water based parquet coating is one of the specialized categories of wood coating which casn be used only in the interiors. For parquet application understanding the moisture interaction between substrate and coating is most considerable factor. The water-based parquet finishes that TEKNOVACE offers are clear finishes with excellent hardness, anti-skid properties.