industrial coating - poly urethene coatings


Polyurethane Coatings, most reliable system in industrial coating sector, are formed by reaction of poly-isocyanates with resins containing hydroxyl group such as acrylics, polyesters etc. Polyurethane coatings give excellent weathering resistance, aesthetics, flexibility, scratch resistance, good corrosion and chemical resistance. The formulation of aliphatic polyurethane coatings allows them to stand up against UV and environmental conditions, making these coatings an excellent choice for outdoor applications. They are widely used for variety of applications such as automotive parts & refinishes, industrial equipment needing superior aesthetics, bus body, earth moving equipment, agricultural equipments etc.


We offer range of polyurethane primers for industrial applications starting from standard PU grey, white and black primers to highly corrosion resistant PU red oxide, PU yellow oxide primers and in any colours anti corrosive primers.


Polyurethane top coats are most widely used top coats for industrial & automotive applications due to combination of aesthetics and performance they offer. They offer excellent finish, superb touch and feel with silky smooth surface. In terms of performance they offer excellent weathering resistance, 100% UV resistance, perfect blend of toughness and flexibility, and very good scratch resistance.

We offer wide variety of PU top coats designed for various end applications. For general industrial applications we offer PU top coats with very good surface finish and optimum weathering resistance along with different options of drying time starting from fast to medium and slow drying systems. For automotive & refinish application we offer PU with excellent weathering resistance and very good flexibility along with good scratch resistance to ensure product retains its aesthetics for long duration of exterior exposure and same time it has required flexibility to withstand the impacts and dents during day to day use.

We offer large variety of colors in this segment including:

Plain Colors: We offer more than 2000 of our own ready colors, RAL Colors, NCS Colors and also we can offer any customized color as per requirement.
Metallic and Special Effects: We offer large variety of metallic and special effects including gold, silver, bronze, pearl in various particle sizes with unique glittering effects.