Teknovace is global supplier of Paints & Coatings. It has developed large infrastructure of manufacturing and Research & Development to ensure it could lead at global scale in terms of product competitiveness and innovation capabilities. Currently company has two large factories located in Dhamane & Bebadohal both near to Pune. Its factory at Dhamane is dedicated to manufacturing of Wood Coatings and is spread in 2.5 Acres area. Factory is currently under commissioning and is scheduled to start from 1st Jan 2021. With installed capacity of 15,000 ton/year this factory will be one of largest in country dedicated to Wood Coatings.

Factory is designed with very high degree of automation. Most of flow of materials starting from unloading into storage tanks and from there to manufacturing locations and to packaging locations are through pipelines. Entire production process including raw material unloading, manufacturing and packaging are controlled through SCADA software.

It has another factory located at Bebadohal for manufacturing of Decorative Paints and Automotive & Industrial Coatings which is almost 1 Km from its Dhamane factory. At this factory company has taken 10 Acres area with plan of developing manufacturing capacity of 50,000 ton/year in phases. Currently company has installed capacity of 4,000 ton/year spread in about 2.0 Acres area.

Furthermore, company has plan to set-up another two factories in North India dedicated to production of Decorative Paints. Company has almost Pan India market presence. It has its office, technical support center & warehousing in more than 16 cities across country to ensure prompt technical support along with availability of materials. Also, it has its distribution network spread in South East Asia, Middle East and part of Europe. It is in process of establishing its own overseas branches to increase its service, support & supply chain.


Teknovace is a company driven by Technology and it lays highest amount of attention to product research & development. It has created State of art Research & development facilities. As a matter of fact, one third of team working at Teknovace is into research & development area. Every year company visit institutes of highest academic repute to pick the best students for research & development activities.