industrial coating - synthetic enamel


Synthetic enamels are air drying one component systems derived from alkyd resins having different oil lengths. Enamels are easy to handle and offer economical options. They are available in different drying parameters including fast drying, medium drying and slow drying. They are widely used for equipment demanding good performance with cost effectiveness such as metal drums, cylinders, pipes, grills & windows, water tanks, industrial equipment etc.


Synthetic enamel primers are low cost primers with reasonably good corrosion resistance, moderate adhesion to metals and ease of application being one component air drying system. They are commonly used for general applications demanding moderate performance such as metal doors & windows, truck body and tankers, domestic cylinders, general industrial equipment etc.

We offer complete range of synthetic primers for various end applications including white primers, grey primers, red oxide, and yellow oxide. All these primers are available in different drying properties starting from fast drying primers to medium and slow drying primers.


Synthetic enamels are economical option for industrial applications demanding moderate performance with reasonably good finish. Being one component system, they are easy to apply both by brush as well as by spray. They are product for day to day use for individual home owners for painting their grills and windows. They are also used in industry for wide range of applications like bus and truck bodies, tankers, LPG cylinders, metal drums, MS structures etc.

We offer wide range of products suiting various end applications.

We offer high quality fast drying auto enamels for automotive and industrial applications. These enamels are rich in pigments & colors offering very good feel and finish. Also, they dry quickly meeting the productivity demand of industrial applications. These enamels are formulated using special resins and UV protection formula to ensure good resistance against UV and weather.

We also offer slow drying enamels for general purpose applications. These enamels are slow drying enamels which offer excellent gloss and with nice silky finish. Having ease of application with both brush as well as spray these are product of choice for both individuals as well as professionals.


Synthetic heat curing enamels are cured with heat normally by keeping in Oven after application. Being heat cured enamels they dry faster and offer high scratch resistance, very good heat resistance and superior surface finish compared to normal enamels. They are generally used for high performance protective coatings applications.