industrial coating - nc coatings


NC coatings are one component coatings which gives good film properties and aesthetic along with faster drying compared to other coatings. Formulation of NC coatings contain nitro-cellulose cottons which are rapid drying materials enabling the coating to dry quickly while forming uniform and smooth film. They are used for applications demanding faster productivity along with economical cost and reasonably good performance. Their applications include base coats and topcoat for tankers and bus bodies, general industrial equipment, auto garages etc.


NC Primers are frequently used for automotive and general industrial applications due to their rapid drying properties with good covering and economical cost.

We offer high quality NC Primers in white, grey and Black which dries quickly and gives very good covering.


NC top coats offer very good film properties with rapid drying behaviour. They are among most preferred products for applications demanding moderate performance with good surface finish and economical cost.

We offer NC top coats in matt, semi-glossy and glossy finishes with wide range of ready colors in RAL, NCS and our own ready colors. Also, we can offer any customized colour as per specific requirement.