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wood and glass coating - melamine


Melamine is two component acid catalyzed wood coating which offers smooth surface finish with excellent hardness. Melamine coatings dry quickly with fast development of hardness. Also, they have high solid, excellent covering and ease of application making them highly suitable for mass scale uses with highly competitive cost dynamics.

Melamine coatings are generally recommended for interior applications as they have strong yellowing tendency with exposure to UV light. Also, too high thickness can result into film cracking with time. So, care should be taken to ensure optimum coating thickness while application. Melamine finishes can be available in clear as well as pigmented systems which includes various gloss levels starting from matt to high gloss.

Melamine Sealer:

Teknovace offer melamine sealers with very high solid, excellent covering, rapid drying and easy sanding properties. They form uniform film helping in improving smoothness of top coats.

Melamine Top Coat (Matt to Satin):

We offer Melamine topcoats which give excellent hardness and scratch resistance along with rapid drying property. They form uniform surface finish with excellent abrasion resistance and good solvent and stain resistance.

Melamine Top Coat (Gloss and Super Gloss):

These products are designed with special resins giving superior gloss, excellent film build up and excellent gloss retention with time.