. Teknovace

wood and glass coating - intro

Our wood coating division known as “Teknovace Wood Coatings Pvt Ltd” is dedicated for research & development and manufacturing of high-end wood coating products. Wood is one of most challenging substrate to work with in terms of designing high performance coatings. Every wood is different in terms of oil content, grains, color and so on and so every wood need special attention while developing suitable product. At Teknovace Wood Coating we take every wood substrate differently and we develop solutions most effective for given substrate. It is our focus and commitment that we offer more than 6000 coatings dedicated to wood. We have exclusive products for highly oily wood like Burma teak which can effectively stop the oil leaching on the surface and hence lasting the coatings for long period of time. We offer exclusive products for exterior wood applications which are designed to resist the expansion-contraction, weathering and attacks from fungus and bacteria effectively. In fact, we are among few companies who are capable of giving warranty for exterior wood coatings.

We strongly believe in sustainability and it is our commitment to sustainable development that majority of our current and future development projects are based on Waterborne coating systems. We have successfully developed the waterborne products for almost all types of wood substrate starting from stains to clear coatings for interiors & exteriors as well as pigmented coatings for interiors & exteriors. Additionally, our focus for future is to increase the scale of production for waterborne coatings to the level that it becomes economically competitive & more viable when compared to its peer solvent based system.

Wood working processes varies greatly from article to article due to different shape, size and geometry of end products. An effective coating for wood not only need to have functional characteristic for specific substrate but also need to adapt to given production processes. Requirement of drying time, atmospheric conditions, flow & levelling of materials could vary greatly and hence it need special attention for customizing specific products. At Teknovace we customize the products suiting the specific needs. We have dedicated team working continuously for development of coatings requiring special customization.