industrial coating - epoxy coatings


Epoxy system gives excellent adhesion to metal substrates along with inherently excellent corrosion resistance and very high chemical resistance. Epoxy systems are one of most versatile coatings available today offering best value in terms of cost and performance. The epoxy finish is extremely hard and resistant to friction.  It also provides optimum protection against abrasion, corrosive fluids, heat, cold, and impact forces. Epoxy is resistant to diluted acids, alkalis, petroleum products, and condensation. This provides manufacturers the flexibility to adjust the coating to meet the demands of different environments. They are widely used in industrial applications starting from General Industrial applications to high performance industrial applications such as petrochemicals, cranes, bridges, storage tanks, ship building and so on.


Epoxy primers are most widely used primers for industrial applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion properties. They are used almost unanimously as most preferred primer for majority of Industrial applications where performance is important.

We offer large range of epoxy primers from general industrial epoxy primers to high corrosion resistance epoxy primers including zinc phosphate, red oxide, zinc chromate and MIO based epoxy primers. We also offer range of zinc rich epoxy primers for application requiring very high corrosion resistance like marine applications, windmills, chemical tanks etc.


Epoxy top coats offer excellent chemical resistance, strong scratch resistance and very good heat resistance. However, they have moderate UV resistance due to which they are not suitable for exterior applications. With strong film properties and chemical & heat resistance along with competitive pricing these are preferred coatings for applications like internal automotive parts, under bodies, industrial equipment etc.

We offer range of epoxy top coats with various end applications like under bodies, engine parts, industrial equipment, chemical tanks etc. We offer epoxy top coats in large number of ready colours and in various gloss level starting from matt to half matt, satin, semi-glossy and glossy.