industrial coating - intro


Teknovace Coatings Pvt Ltd, part of Teknovace Group has been established to manufacture coatings for industrial application. Industrial coatings add an element to industrial parts, component, metals that can make the product stronger, more durable, protected, more rigid or flexible, have a longer life cycle, as well as add enhanced aesthetic. The durability and performance of paint and coatings depend on two basic properties: cohesion and adhesion. Cohesion is the inner strength of a material, and it is determined by the strength of molecular forces in the bulk. It is often measured by conventional tensile and elongation tests. Adhesion is based on physical and chemical interactions between the coating and the substrate. Poor adhesion equates to poor performance. Industrial coatings are generally manufactured with conventional polymers such as epoxy, poly urethanes, acrylic, alkyd etc. Application of industrial coatings is to protect the part that is underneath it, especially from various types of corrosion. Teknovace is devoted to the stable supply of these coatings whilst always aiming to improve their quality, safety, and reliability. In the modern equipped research & development centre, our coating experts are constantly working on the further development of the existing paint and coating systems for the expansion of our standard range as well as on the new development.