decorative paints - intro

Teknovace Paints, part of the Teknovace Group, is established to manufacture high end paints for various architectural & decorative applications. Technology with decorative paints has evolved through phases from Whitewashing, Cement Paints & Distempers to modern-day high-performance Emulsion based paints. Today paints are not just for giving colour and freshness to walls rather they have much wider role both in terms of aesthetics as well as functional performance.

At Teknovace we constantly work on developing paints which could enhance both aesthetics as well as functional characteristics. For Interior Walls we offer products which are 100% washable and stain resistant along with giving very high degree of smoothness and silkiness. For exterior Walls we offer products which offer excellent durability and colour resistance along with excellent dirt pick up resistance and anti-fungal properties. With ever increasing urbanization and construction of high-rise buildings, it is becoming more & more important to have paints which can last longer. Our team has been working relentlessly for developing longer lasting paints and today we have paints which can give more than 10 years of protection for exterior applications.

For every product we develop, we give utmost attention to our environment. We are giving utmost attention to our surrounding nature while formulating every product. Almost all the products we offer for walls are water-based paints having very low or negligible amount of VOC.

We are continuously working on developing future generation paints - Paints which could purify the atmosphere, paints which could have self-healing properties against scratches & human abuse, paints which are much more resistant to stains and human abuse. We are committed to developing products which could make our life more beautiful and protected than ever.