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wood and glass coating - special effects


Special effect finish are coatings with highly unique aesthetical appeal. These coatings are completely different from conventional coatings and are generally used for high end decoration and finishing.

We offer extensive range of finishes in special effect category starting from all kind of metallic effects to pearl, stainless steel, crackle, texture finish, marble finish, soft touch coating etc. Altogether we offer more than 1000 finishes in this category.

1. Metallic Effects:

We offer metallic effects which gives brilliant brightness, sparkling effect and excellent aesthetical appeal. Our specialized pigments used for these effects ensure excellent UV protection due to which it retain its brightness for long frame of time. In presence of sunlight/bright light these finishes give depth, superb richness and brightness to the applied surface. We offer metallic effects in both one component as well as two component system. Some of our metallic effect finishes are given below:

a. Silver

We offer silver metallics in different particle sizes starting from fine to medium, large, extra-large. These coatings give rich lustrous look with highly rich silver tone and glittering. After application, furniture embellished with shiny silver finish enhances beauty of substrate greatly with highly elegant look.

b. Gold

Our metallic gold finishes provide warm color with the highly rich appearance and glittering of gold. We offer gold effect finishes in various particle size starting from fine to medium, large and extra-large as well as in different tones such as old gold, rich old.

c. Bronze

We offer bronze finish in fine, medium and large particle size. These finishes create effects similar to lustrous bronze look.

d. Pearl

Pearl finishes create highly rich and impressive sparkling effect. They give contemporary finish to wooden substrate. Pearl finishes are one of most aesthetically appealing finishes due their bright and vibrant tone along with highly soothing effect. We offer pearl finishes in wide variety starting from fine pearl to medium, large and extra-large pearl. It reflects different under tone color when seen from different angles.

e. Stainless Steel

These are unique product which excels the steel looks in metallic effect. They give excellent pigment orientation and replicates the stainless-steel finish on the wooden substrate.

2. Texture

Texture effect is solvent-based 2K system which give slightly rough and gritty appeal that adds character to the substrate. It is used for high end decoration. These are available in many plain colors with different grain Product code size like fine, medium and large.

3. Crackle

We offer crackle effect in almost any color combination with precise control on the size of cracks. Also, we offer crackle effects from fine to large sizes. Crackle effects consists of two part - Base Coat and Top Coat.

4. Marble

Marble effect is very popular for its marble like original looks.

5. Soft Feel/ Leather effect

This is two components PU slow drying system. After hard dry gives excellent velvet feel effect.

6. Fluorescent Effect

Fluorescent effect colors are similar to plain colors, but they absorb the light and emit it making their appearance brighter. These colors are more intense and brighter than normal colors giving them highly appealing look.

7. Self-illuminating Coatings

We offer highly specialized self-illuminating coatings based on 2K PU systems. These coatings glow in dark, hence when they are used in dark environment, they create altogether different kind of feel.

8. Mother of Pearl (Hammer-tone)

This effect gives paint an iridescent glaze with milky glow. It is an effect which reflects a very deep impression even with little micron thickness coating layer. It should be applied using spray gun and not by brush, roller.

9. Patina (JA)

Patina effects are chemically different than other categorized special effects. It has to be applied between the primary base coat and top coat to give aged appearance. Patina have complete control over the color floatation.

Patina is mostly recommended for application on open pore veneers/solid wood.