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wood and glass coating - fr coating


The basic deficiencies of wood products are flammability, poor dimensional stability and low resistance to micro-biological decay that must be underlined when used as a construction material. Because of its easy flammability, wood is considered as poor construction materials.

When heated, wood undergoes degradation and combustion to produce harmful gases. That’s where comes fire retardant coatings.


Fire retardant coatings are vital to ensure the safety and fire resistance of wooden substrates.

Fire retardant coatings most commonly stop fire and flame spreading over a surface by releasing a gas when it gets heated. They can be applied over any wooden substrate and depending on the environment, must comply with certain standards. Performance of fire-retardant coatings depend on coatings thickness and efficiency of formulations. Generally, fire-retardant coatings are combination of fire-retardant additives with special fire-retardant resistant backbone chemistry resins.

We offer Class 0, Class 1 fire-retardant coatings with 30 minutes and 60 minutes protection from fire. Our fire-retardant coating system includes,

  • Special fire-retardant base coat with strong fire-retardant properties along with good covering and sanding.
  • Special fire-retardant top coat with required characteristics to protect the substrate from fire along with required film properties, scratch resistance and surface smoothness

We offer two components polyurethane based fire-retardant coatings in both clear as well as pigmented finishes.


Our 2K clear fire-retardant coatings offer excellent fire-retardant properties along with smooth silky surface finish and excellent scratch resistance. In clear coatings we offer one multi-specialty topcoat which can be used as sealer cum topcoat finish.


Pigmented fire-retardant coatings are generally more resistant towards fire compared to clear system. We offer highly specialized fire-retardant pigmented coatings which give strong protection with fire along with excellent surface finish and hardness.