industrial coating - special coatings


Special purpose coatings include an array of different products on metal and plastic surface such as heat resistant coatings, chlorinated rubber paints, etch primer etc. These coatings resist adverse weather, corrosive atmosphere and chemicals attack and they provide very high durability to structures. Some of special purpose coatings we offer are listed below:


Etch primer are specially formulated primers to improve adhesion with substrate which has poor adhesion with coatings such as stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized iron.


Heat resistant paints are specially designed paints to tolerate high temperature for prolong period. These paints can withstand up to 800 degree centigrade of temperature. Application of heat resistant paints includes chimneys, exhaust systems, vehicle silencers etc.


Chlorinated rubber base coating is a strong one component thermoplastic coating which after drying forms very resilient, versatile and robust finish. It is mostly preferred in the areas where coating is exposed to continuous wear and tear. It has various benefits which differentiate this from other solvent-borne coatings like extremely low permeability towards water and high chemical resistance (alkaline solutions, acids, salt). Base paint can be made available in variety of finishes and gloss levels. Only important point is that it is immiscible with other solvent base resin and requires special thinner for the dilution during its application.