Teknovace is new-age paints & coatings company. At Teknovace we adorn the world by providing paints & coatings based on our innovative technologies. We innovate, develop & manufacture paints & coatings touching almost each & every aspect of our life. To ensure our constant focus on entire spectrum of products we have divided our group into three verticals:

  • Wood Coatings
  • Decorative Paints
  • Automotive & Industrial Coatings

Each of these verticals are operated independently run by team of professionals with dedicated manufacturing facilities for each of the vertical. We have two large manufacturing locations nearby to Pune- one at Bebadohal for manufacturing of decorative paints and automotive & industrial coatings, other at Dhamane to manufacture wood coatings. Also, we have another two factories coming up in Northern India to ensure our Pan India product availability. We have our branches, warehousing facilities and technical centers almost across Pan India as well as our distribution network spread across South East Asia, Middle East and part of Europe.

Our products ensure a colorful world, that is protected and beautiful. Our strength is our constant focus into technological advancement. Our team work relentlessly to develop products based on new technologies. For instance, our latest product offering based on Nanotechnology giving improved protection & color retention against exterior exposure wherein we can give warranty to wood protected with our coatings against direct exposure to sun and rain.

Our biggest strength is our passion for research & innovation and in order to do so we constantly focus on building the team driven by knowledge. Team at Teknovace includes technocrats & industry leaders coming from highest standard of academic institute. Building team is our unrelenting expedition and we continuously search the talent across globe and induct them in our company to take our drive further.

Experience the Teknovace advantage with these 5 differentiating points, that help us deliver better.

1. Product Innovation:

Core ideology behind creation of Teknovace is to be driven by technology. We continuously work for developing products which are most effective for their intended uses. We develop solutions for both professional users as well as individual home owners. As a matter of fact, we manufacture more than 12,000 products starting from highly advance industrial & automotive coatings, to wide range of wood coatings and decorative paints.

2. Protection:

We deliver the paints & coatings designed to give highest amount of protection. Our R&D team works round the clock to develop products which could improve the protection and for this we employ most modern technical tools starting from Nanotechnology to smart paints. Most of our products for exterior including industrial, wood, and decorative comes with warranty from 5 up to 10 years. Our warranty includes even highly challenging substrate like greasy & oily solid wood such as burma teak where we are among very few companies in world who could give warranty for more than five years

3. Aesthetics:

We beautify the world by continuously developing colors which has greater aesthetical appeal. Starting from wide range of plain colors to highly specialized colors such as pearl, silver, gold, stainless steel, multi-colors, textures, marble effects and so on. Our focus is always to bring colors with greater & greater aesthetical appeal. Altogether we offer more than 3,000 ready plain colors.

4. Technical Support & Service:

We are one stop solution for many of our high-volume clients, providing them with industry-wide solutions in paints and coatings. We have branch offices, technical support center as well depo in most of major cities across the country. We work 24 X 7 days and our Technical team is ready to resolve any technical problem round the clock.

5. Sustainability:

We keep health & environment at highest priority while developing the products. Majority of our products are water-based products which are both eco-friendly as well as does not have any health hazards. Also, all the products we manufacture are free of lead and heavy metals. Most of our research for future generation products are based on Green Technologies.

Every client is different, so are their needs. We have a custom production team that looks after any client’s special needs. Here, we identify the needs of the client, study their processes and infrastructure, recommend the product and start the development. Many products in our portfolio are a result of successful custom developments.