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wood and glass coating - polyester


Polyester Coatings are three component coatings containing base coat, accelerator and hardener. These are very high solid content coatings designed to give very high surface hardness, excellent covering and very strong surface properties. Polyester coatings are highly reactive coatings with limited pot life during application. Also, during storage all the components of coatings need to be stored separately as putting them together involve the risk of fire and explosion.

Polyester coatings are classified into two categories Paraffinic and Non-paraffinic polyester.


Paraffinic polyesters contain special wax which after application travel on the top of surface which can be sanded and buffed leaving the final surface with excellent gloss and flawless finish. These coatings are highest quality coatings where it comes to giving 100% glossy finish with very high clarity, flawless surface, excellent hardness and very high dry film thickness (DFT). They are directly applied on substrate with wet on wet application involving coating thickness starting from 2 mm up to as high as 10mm.

After drying they are sanded to cut the top few mm surface and finally buffed to get the final surface which are thick, crystal clear high gloss with rich and flawless finish. Also, these coatings are not absorbed in substrate for long period of time resulting into retention of gloss and surface finish for very long time. Having poor UV stability these generally used for interior application only.

We offer very high quality paraffinic polyester coatings in both clear as well as pigmented finish. These coatings contain special formulations to ensure the same application behavior in both low as well as high temperature conditions.


Non-paraffinic polyester coatings do not contain waxes and hence they do not require costly process of cutting the top layer by rigorous sanding and buffing. They can be applied and polished like 2K PU systems. Being polyester based, they are high solid coatings which gives very high covering, surface hardness and gloss. For dust free application conditions these coatings are excellent options for giving excellent gloss and surface hardness with very good gloss retention with time while involving far lower cost per square feet compared to its Paraffinic counterparts.

Paraffinic polyesters consist of two parts: Base coat and Top coat. Further they are available in both clear as well as pigmented finishes.