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wood and glass coating - acrylic pu


Polyurethane - (PU) wood coating creates high-performance finishes that preserve and enhance natural wood. They strengthen the properties of wood-based substrates - providing color, rich appearance, silky smooth finish and protection. PU wood coatings are among most versatile coatings for wood due to their superior performance, availability of raw materials and ease of application. Globally they are among most commonly used coatings for high end wood finishes. They are known for their excellent chemical resistance, very good clarity, high gloss, and very good mechanical properties including hardness, flexibility and abrasion resistance. Additionally, they offer wide possibilities of customization making them suitable to adapt for any kind of applications & climatic conditions.

  • High Solids
  • 100% Anti-Yellowing
  • Wide Possibilities
  • Excellent Weathering Resistance
  • Excellent Finish and Surface Smoothness
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Faster Drying
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Yellowing/Partially Anti-Yellowing
  • Slower Drying


Two component acrylic polyurethane coatings are 100% anti-yellowing coatings based on water clear acrylic resin cross linked with anti-yellowing hardeners. They are products of choice for outdoor applications due to their excellent color retention and UV resistance properties. Also, they are highly suitable for open pore applications giving natural look even for deep matt finishes. Owning to their water like clarity and excellent transparency, they are best suited for light color veneers/ woods where they give excellent finish without affecting the color and tone of substrate.


Sealer based on acrylic PU chemistry has excellent transparency, water like clarity and 100% anti-yellowing characteristics. We offer acrylic sealers which retain the original tone of wood with very high clarity. Also, we offer different sealers from rapid drying to slow drying properties with varied degree of flow and sanding properties designed to meet different productivity conditions.


Acrylic clear top coat gives excellent chemical resistance and 100% UV resistance. Also, having water like clarity they do not change the tone of wood. They are most preferred products for deep matt applications and applications on light veneers/woods where they retain the original color of wood without changing the tone.

We offer different acrylic top coats from deep matt up to 100% gloss. Also, we offer acrylic products with varying degree of drying & curing properties suitable for different productivity demands.


Acrylic pigmented primers give excellent adhesion along with very good covering, hiding and anti-yellowing properties. We offer standard high-quality white, grey and black primers. Also, we offer customized primers in various colors with varying degree of drying and flow properties.


We offer acrylic pigmented top coats with 100% anti-yellowing properties, excellent weathering resistance, 100% color fading resistance, excellent chemical resistance and rich, smooth finish. Range of products include more than 2000 ready shades in different degree of gloss starting from deep matt to 100% gloss.