This five-day mega event saw record footfall at our booth, with more than 1000 serious inquiries and several thousand visitors.

Teknovace, with a 1300-square-foot stall designed with a perfect blend of more than 500 finishes and numerous real-life products, has been one of the main attractions of the show. Our modular kitchen, made of fluted panels finished with a combination of metallic chrome and pure white pearl, has been a selfie point for thousands of visitors. Our wardrobe, designed with a combination of veneer finished with deep pore glazers and UV-printed PU-finished shutters, had received so much interest from so many visitors.

Similarly, a table top made with Onyx marble finished with specially designed super-gloss anti-yellowing polyesters received a fabulous response and appropriation.

We are overwhelmed by the amazing response received, and we look forward to serving all the inquiries.

Thank you all for making it such a great show, and see you next time at the same place and in the same location.